Our mission is to enable individuals and SME's to improve their financial planning, save money, spend less money and get easy access to smart small loans to achieve financial inclusion.

In Tanzania, 32 million young people and women living in marginalized communities are misguided by belief that; in order for them to save money for a better future, then they need to have a lot of money or earn a lot of money due to lack of innovative and reliable financial services platforms. We want to make financial savings and investment are priority for young people and women by making it simple, reliable and transparent. With Dundiza you will met your future goals instantly.

Team Members

Reginald Victor

Co-founder & CEO

Goodluck Tesha

Co-founder &COO

Joyce Ntare

Co-founder & Customer Growth

Turatsinze Junior

IT Support

Magreth Lema


Our team brings together top result-oriented talent from the worlds of technology, operations, finance and community engagement, by representing a high and strong combination of proven knowledge, skills and passion to ensure that Tanzanians and Africans especially young people and women can save their money and manage their finances instantly and for free.

(a) Providing equal and quality clarification on financial literacy and management consultation

(b) Enabling business confluence to establish a smooth and open communication between the business team and the public.

Our team has experience and knowledge to extend to digital financial services (DFS) with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Application Programming Interface (API).